Sunday, August 14, 2005

It has been 7 months later since my last post. I am actually hinernating all these while - no trading. Actually I added a few stocks. But they are not doing as well as I have thought.

Some of the things I am betting on:
1. Oil
2. Gold
3. Sugar
4. IP Telephony

For Oil I will pick XLE, but now cruede oil prices is around $66-$67, I think the upside is limited. (maybe to $80?).

For Gold, it is more like capital preservation. You can buy the iSHares ETF.

I am interested in sugar because I read an article from newsweek which say ssugar can be converted to ethanol which can be mixed with petrol for car fuels. Brazil is the largest implementor of this technology. Still have not find the stock to bet on.

For IP Telephony, I think Cisco is the good bet. But my timing is totally screwed out. I bought it last week and this week it has fallen 5%. The reason is: Cisco met the analyst expectation but the outlook is not that great. It could be a signal to get more, will wait an see.